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Terms and Conditions

Orders over $50 dollars will receive free shipping. Pro Stamps will select method of shipping (First Class Mail®, Priority Mail®, UPS Ground) based on most cost effective method considering weight and destination.

Shipping charges will be added to orders under $50. The most cost effective shipping method will be selected.

Customer can select alternate shipping method-cost will be added to invoice.

Stamps are custom made and are not returnable where Pro Stamps has accurately duplicated customer artwork or where a proof has been approved.

If Pro Stamps makes an error in typesetting or production, stamps will be re-made at no charge.

If a customer has not requested a proof, Pro Stamps layout will be accepted and stamps are not returnable.

Pro Stamps will provide proofs at no charge. We recommend a proof in all but the most simple copy. Review and approve stamp layout, font style and size, spelling and punctuation, ink color, stamp size and quantity ordered.

Return approval to Pro Stamps ASAP, production will not begin until proof has been returned and finalized.

• For logos and artwork, original black and white camera ready copy produces the best
   result.  Photocopies, faxes, etc. will produce an inferior image.

• Signatures should be written in actual size to fit stamp. Black ink on white plain paper will
   produce the best result. Faxes and photocopies will result in an inferior image.

• Digital files can be submitted to art@prostamps.biz or attached to an order and sent to
   orders@prostamps.biz. Pdf’s are preferred, minimum 600dpi.