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Terms and Conditions

Pro Stamps will select method of shipping (First Class Mail®, Priority Mail®, UPS Ground) based on most cost effective method considering weight and destination.

Customer can select alternate shipping method-cost will be added to invoice.

Stamps are custom made and are not returnable where Pro Stamps has accurately duplicated customer artwork or where a proof has been approved.

If Pro Stamps makes an error in typesetting or production, stamps will be re-made at no charge.

If a customer has not requested a proof, Pro Stamps layout will be accepted and stamps are not returnable.

• For logos and artwork, original black and white camera ready copy produces the best
   result.  Photocopies, faxes, etc. will produce an inferior image.

• Signatures should be written in actual size to fit stamp. Black ink on white plain paper will
   produce the best result. Faxes and photocopies will result in an inferior image.

• Digital files can be submitted to prostamps@prostamps.biz    Pdf’s are preferred, minimum 600dpi.